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NO OTHER THAN “Shugabooga


There’s a lot of people in the city of Cleveland that “host” concerts and clubs, but

there’s only one King of the Club, and that’s Shugabooga!!

Shug started his career in hip hop as a rap artist and had success as a solo artist
and in various groups throughout the city. He toured to over 15 states and performed as
an opening act for groups ranging from Ma$e to DMX; From Ol’ Dirty Bastard to 98
Degrees. His love for hip hop was apparent, and it was evident that no matter who was
around him or what groups were on the bill, Shug was the star of every show.

Cleveland is unique in the fact that it’s DJ’s would rather have someone else rock
the crowd than do it themselves, and Shug is one of the most natural and charismatic
entertainers to ever assume that role. Over the years he’s had the opportunity to host
shows for such hip hop luminaries as Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone, GLC from G.O.O.D.
Music, Cory Gunz, Paul Wall, Lil Wyte and more. This is of course in addition to his
work hosting for the “New Cleveland” movement featuring acts like Machine Gun Kelly,
Chip Th3 Ripper, Ray Cash, Ray Jr and more!

It’s more than just concerts as Shug has also mediated conferences for both the
Ohio Hip Hop Awards and the N.E.R.V.E. DJ’s Midwest Music Summit. He has also
hosted charity events for the Susan G Komen foundation, The United Way, Lifeline Inc
and the My H.O.O.D. Foundation.

He has worked with some of the most recognizable names in local hip hop like
Tropikana, Benny Velez and Cut Master Slice from 107.9 FM, and has worked with DJ’s
like The World Famous DJ Jack Da Rippa, Joey Fingaz and Phatty Banks.

For the last year he has hosted the Bubble N’ Blow radio show for and has interviewed acts as wide ranging as Kurtis Blow and Cold
187UM from Above the Law to R and B legend Melba Moore and Freeway Ricky Ross.
He has world premeired tracks for The Kickdrums and 4th Disciple from the Wu Tang

His next ambition and career goal is be an A& R rep so that he can help use his
knowledge to boost the careers of promising new artists from the area!!



Curt Frank is an artist out of East Cleveland OH , born and raised . He has perform all over his State and Put Together great shows, mixtapes, and videos on the underground level. As CEO and Founder of Vanishing Point Music Group , he hopes to make a huge name for himself and his label. I would advise that everyone keeps an eye on this guy, He’s truly something special. Curt has worked hard to bring great music to the Cleveland Music Scene since 2008, networking and promoting himself has been the key to his success. Vanishing Point Music Group has stood behind Curt every step of the way as he has lead the team to all types of accomplishments. Google Curt Frank for more videos and information and music. Also check out for all of Curt’s mixtapes

January 7th, 2011


Track One- “ Insane Flip Game”

Intro has me intrigued, but producers, please stop putting the “Ay”s on the off-beats on the tracks.  We get it, it makes it sound street.  But damn- that same technique has been used since about 2001.  That’s just a personal thing, I know people like it.  I’m just tired of it.  Other than that, beat sounds full- I like it.

Hook sounds exactly as I expected it to.  Catchy for sure, definitely one that could catch on in the clubs.  I am actually disturbed by the fact that you sound so natural on this track!  I have looked into you a little deeper and have heard you really “spit” some lyrical stuff (see “Danger” on YouTube!) and I know you have that spit game in your heart.  HERE’S THE THING- (and I hope this comes out the way I want).  As a record exec, I hear Insane Flip Game and hear a song that is perfectly capable of catching fire and blowing up.  YOU ARE BRANDED definitely.  But this song is all money, hustle, grind, chopped/screwed hook drops stereotype formula stuff. If I heard this song on it’s own I would probably think it was hot, but I would also think it sounds like a lot of other stuff I hear all the time.  It’s hot, but it doesn’t separate you from the pack!

THAT BEING SAID- I’m gonna walk around the house saying “Grind so ignorant”  all weekend!! You have a hit record here sonically my friend.  My only concern for you is that you don’t lose that passion you have for the booth in the rat race to make hits.  I also feel from a personality standpoint you have a lot to offer that doesn’t necessarily come off on this record.  As with so many artists I review- I am critical because I see the greatness, just want to see you pull it out!  You have come a LONG way- saw some old footage on YouTube and can hardly believe it’s the same guy.  But we never stop progressing.  Find that common place where you can spit lyrics like you did on “Danger” over a beat like “Insane Flip Game” and you are going to have a rare combination!


Ryan “Shugabooga” Gilkerson

Exclusive Indies Coordinator

R You Branded

AIN Distribution

King aka King Cobra

The most powerful name for a man besides God is King. Hailing from the eastside of Cleveland Ohio, King aka King Cobra’s journey has not been an easy one. King is not one of the lucky artists who blew up overnight. He has shed blood, sweat & tears for his passion. A lot of his struggle is portrayed in one of his most popular songs “Letter To My Future”. Even through the struggle King has drawn heavy attention to his craft.

King started rapping at the young age of ten so that explains why his lyrics are so advanced. He earned the nickname King Cobra due to the fact that he lyrically spits venom. In addition to that, King is a reptile fanatic who has been raising snakes & lizards since he was in kindergarten. He likes to include his personal life in his music so he often gives his snakes cameos in his music videos.

In 2009 he released his classic mixtape “Unsigned & Untamed”. The mixtape includes many creative tracks such as “Be All U Can Be”, “Love Kills” & the durranged “Psycho”. It also has club bangers like “Lets Get Drunk” & “Chase Dat Money” featuring the Dallas Texas legend Fat Bastard. King also delivers street bangers like “Untamed” featuring 40 Cal of Dipset & the infamous diss track “King Will Be Praised” where he lyrically slayed certain Cleveland producer & fired shots at different promoters/ DJ’s. The track won a “Rebel Army Radio Award” for street record of the year.

King aka King Cobra is definitely on the rise with 2 videos on & a huge internet fan base. Every hip hop fan should be on the lookout for King aka King Cobra.

December 23rd, 2011

Feedback Notes for Artist- KING aka KING COBRA


So the track starts and I think, man, the sound quality on this is horrible. Really unique
style, but I can hardly hear it- then BAM!!! That track came in and I had to turn down
my speakers before wifey head me with a skillet!! FIIIIYAAA!!! This track is the
difference. There is a quality difference between an industry recording and a non
industry recording and this exemplifies it! The lows are incredible and the highs and
crisp and they dart in and out of the track to give it fluidity.

That voice homie!! Your vocals are unique- truly Cleveland. The pitch of your voice
is high, but not annoying. You sound like you probably stop recording and then go to a
park somewhere and heckle a ball game!! Love child between Nelly, Dru Down and Bun
B in some weird way. I love that because your voice sounds like your instigating a fight,
very confident and yet playful and nonchalant. Effortless. Lyrical but not trying to hard!

I love the hook- catchy and it stands out because of that little bridge in there. Very

Verse two you back off a little bit performance wise. Don’t hear the intensity I heard in
track one. Not that it becomes worrisome or anything- just sounds like you really went
hard in that first verse and lost momentum! The martian blast off effect is dope.

Two verses, smart choice. In this case the hook needs to be the emphasis because it’s
so important, and you achieve that. Disappointed that with all the great effects and
production techniques, the producer opted for just a fade out at the end. Would’ve like
to hear some of the things done to intro the song done at the end to give it cohesion and
complete the cycle.

OVERALL ANALYSIS- I have heard many people say you are on that short “next to
blow” list. I see why! This track really had me excited like few others. Creative, street
but catchy, great quality, great representation of the Region’s sound while still being
fresh. I really enjoyed it King! I think you have limitless potential!!

Exclusive Indies Coordinator
R You Branded
AIN Distribution

Cali Kid Dubz

    Born in 1991 and raised along I-75 of Ohio, Cali Kid Dubz first got into music at the age of 16 with a group of friends who began rapping for fun. After putting out a few demos, Dream Famous recognized the potential that Cali Kid Dubz had and decided to take him under their wing. Within six months Cali Kid Dubz released his first mixtape, Welcome 2 Cali, and continued to build a strong fan base in the Ohio area, achieving Runner Up for Best New Artist in the 2011 Ohio Hip Hop Awards and a nomination for Power 107.5’s Columbus’ Best Artist of 2011.


     While being one the chillest dudes around off stage, one of Cali Kid Dubz’s best attributes is the high energy he brings to his performances. The buzz from Welcome 2 Cali allowed Cali Kid Dubz to open up for such national acts as Machine Gun Kelly, Too $hort, AZ, Lil’ Flip, 2 Chains, and Chevy Woods. He has also headlined his own shows in Dayton and Columbus and a brand release party for Time & Change Clothiers.


     With plans to release two new projects in 2012, his newest mixtape La Vida Buena is set to release in late January. Cali Kid Dubz’s social media presence continues to buzz as his fan base gets stronger throughout the Midwest. Cali Kid Dubz is highly dedicated to growing as an artist and innovating his lyrical ability. The year 2012 looks to be very promising for the Young Royalty King.

Catch up with what Cali Kid Dubz has been up to the past few months through his webisode series “The Dream.”
The Dream Episode 1: “The Beginning” (9/15/2011)
The Dream Episode 2: “Seeing is Believing” (10/25/2011)
The Dream Episode 3: ” Mirror Lake” (11/30/2011)


Track One- “Flyish”

Interesting Intro- Very Sparse, Not crazy about the synth strings, but once the beat drops they sound better.  Energy is ridiculous.  One thing about your music is there is no denying what you are here to do.  The image matches the beat which matches the lyrics.  Lyrically, I like the punchlines, but what makes you a commodity is the way you inject your personality into the track.  You infuse the track with a very direct energy- Love when the track drops and you hit the little Street Fighter break.

Hook is catchy, not in love with the bridge but I think the hook itself is hot.  Like the fact that you get in and get out without the track being too long.

OVERALL ANALYSIS OF TRACK- I like how you take the track and make it yours.  The only thing I don’t like is that there are a million songs about how fly people are, and I think you’re better than that one little niche.  Overall, I like it, don’t love it… BUT THIS NEXT TRACK…..

Track One- “My Nuvo”

DAMN- this song is just a steroid from the start.  The beat is incredible and you are PERFECT for it.  Not everybody could take a track this busy and tame it!  Hook is hot- your voice sounds so much bigger on this track than on “Flyish”.  This is literally one of my favorite songs right now.  BEST TRACK SUBMITTED TO THE BRANDEDSITESO FAR.  Verse three break with the bongos/808’s behind it- Banoonoos!!!

AND JUST LIKE THAT- IT’S POOF…. Very creative ending, but I actually think you could’ve looped that hook one or two more times.  With a hook/beat combo this catchy, you want to beat people in the head with it.  This is a hit, people will be singing along with it- take full advantage!

OVERALL ANALYSIS OF TRACK- This song is HUGE.  I love the energy of the track, really keeps up with you and in my mind pushes you a little.  You are a talented artist and my advice is to keep finding unique tracks like this one that can force you to adjust.  On “Flyish”  I feel like you’re sleepwalking.  “I’m Fly, blah blah blah”.  On Nuvo, you’re fly, but you also have a monster inside of you that is raw and untamed and that keeps you balanced.

BRANDED EVALUATION- You, my friend, have the most potential of any artist we’ve had submit tracks so far.  I knew about you before I got the music, but I hadn’t had time to really check you out the way I should until now.   Your whole look/image really fits what you do.  My advice to you is don’t settle for “Fly” and “Swag”.  There are a lot of young artists in that lane.  Keep pushing to find the part of you that separates you from the rest.  I hear it all over “Nuvo”.  Force yourself to try some tracks that don’t fit your image too.  Find some things that people wouldn’t expect Cali Kid Dubz to spit on and make them yours.  You are one of the next to blow, I’m sure of it.  Congratulations, you are now BRANDED!  Your profile will be up soon!

Ryan “Shugabooga” Gilkerson

Exclusive Indies Coordinator

R You Branded

AIN Distribution



Track One- “Coughee Jets Resin”

Nice Breezy Synths on the intro. Very Tribe Called Quest Midnight Mauraders Vibe.
Lyrically and Vocally I really like what you’re doing. The timbre of your voice actually
reminds me of Too $hort a little, obviously your cadence is much different. I like your
vibe- I’ve known your work for a long time, and I know you are a feel good artist. I love
your vibe. I think that now more than ever, thanks to people like Currency and Wiz
Khalifa, there is a niche for you. I think that this is definitely your time to get it in.

A few constructive criticisms-
The track starts out mesmerizing, but then gets a little redundant. It desperately needs a
little more drastic change around the hook, maybe some pauses to the synth throughout. I
love the vibe, but after a little while the loop gets redundant. Vocally I’d like you to use
a dither effect or an expander to bring up the low end of your voice. You sound a little
flat and I think your voice has more to offer!

Overall this track exemplifies what we expect from you, and definitely keeps the Don
Kody fans satiated!! Congratulations on your success and for getting BRANDED!

Ryan “Shugabooga” Gilkerson
Exclusive Indies Coordinator
R You Branded
AIN Distribution



Track One- “Poppin’”

Dope Intro- Not sure what it would cost to clear the “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”
sample though!! I love the sample, I think I hear the Jungle Boogie Horn Hit in there.
Hook is very much in sync with the sample. I like the way they go together.

Lyrics come in and the first thing I notice is that there is a quality discrepancy between
the vocals and the track. The track is pristine and crisp and the vocals don’t match the
intensity. I don’t know if you used some different effects on the hook that you didn’t
use on the verses or what, but they sound like they were recorded in a different place.
Possibly just need to be beefed up and maybe cleaned up with a compressor.

Lyrically- damn. And your voices are great! The recording doesn’t do them justice-
but I hear it!!! I know by now I should know who’s who, but whoever comes in second
had a definite Hov sound. Could be both a positive and a negative. Personally I like
it because Jigga is my favorite rap, but it could turn some off. There have been other
people who sounded like Hov and it took them right out! Fortunately you aren’t solo,
so I think you can get around it. Both of you have tremendous flows and really ride the
track fabulously! Plus there’s a Bubble N’ Blow shout out!! Who wouldn’t love that????
“How we the one’s that’s hot and ya’ll the one’s that’s sweatin’?” I’m DONE!!! LOL!!!

Love the way the track breaks down at the end too. Hook actually gets a little
monotonous towards the end, but it’s effective!

Overall Analysis- I know it seems like I’m being overly critical, but I want you to know
I LOVE this track. I’m disappointed that the mix isn’t where I’d like it to be because I
think the song is unique and really has a tremendous energy. My only concern is that it
is a little ’94 ish,- which is perfect for me, but might not attract every A&R. I think it’s
incredible- and I can tell by the way you perform on the track that there are many more
things you can do, and that you are diverse! The logo for the group is fire, and your
music is incredible! I know is really behind you and I can see why. My
only advice is spend a whole lotta money on a mix and master to bring the quality up to
your talent level and you are going to be a PROBLEM!!

Ryan “Shugabooga” Gilkerson
Exclusive Indies Coordinator
R You Branded
AIN Distribution


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